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Birthday Cakes



Happy Pigs cake

(see matching cup cakes)




Raa Raa cake






 Zebra cake with keepsake toy




Spider cake




Angry Birds



Spiderman 3D cake




Bob the Builder with cup cakes




pink castle



Tigger cake


Pooh Bear in peach




Ben 10




Peppa pig birthday




clone wars cake




Spherical football cake




giraffe cake


Dr Who




In the Night Garden 1






Star Wars




'Shamu' cake





Deadly 60 cake



Football on Pitch







Arthur Christmas film cake






Spongebob cake




Pooh Bear & Friends

Pooh Bear and Bees







Harry Potter cake




Eeyore with cup cakes






Sweet 16 butterflies





In the Night Garden





Iggle Piggle




Jo Jo Rabbit with Pooh Bear

'Jo Jo Rabbit'

is an edible/keepsake model of the birthday girl's favourite toy





Ice skates





 Pamper Day cake






 Sweet 16







The Very Hungry Caterpillar










Alice in Wonderland


Winnie the Pooh and Bees (blue)



Spy cake



Deadly 60 cake




Cinema cake


Pooh Bear & Bees

Pooh Bear - single tier




Car racers




Sweet castle cake




In the Night Garden 2




Indiana Jones Lego cake




Smartie cake



Fifi and the Flowertots









Double tier, chocolate fingers cake







Curious George

 Carved Cakes - (created from one very large cake) from 50-00