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When planning your wedding cake there is no such thing as too much information. Your cake/cup cake requirements will be discussed with you, in a free, personal consultation, where material swatches, ribbons, dresses, flowers and ideas can all be interlinked.

Roses & Orchids

A traditional style, 5 tier cake - fruit, lemon, vanilla, choc and fruit. Decorated with edible, handmade flowers and topped with real flowers.
Butterfly themed cupcakes
with matching top tier cake for cutting and photos.


These cupcakes are fondant iced. They were posted to those unable to make the big day.


Cost £2-25 per cupcake











Classic Wedding Cake

Decorated simply with Lillies and Bear Grass.






Smartie Cake

This cake had chocolate on the inside and on the outside.

The couple had a passion for Smarties.